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Rehabs in Kent

Rehabs in Kent

All of us know that drug use mostly ends with addiction. Thus, we realize that our first trial may have bad consequences. Despite this, substance abuse continues to destroy lives and families. It affects addicts’ mental health and alters brain function. Moreover, it causes physical disorders. Then, how to stop this? To regain self-control alone is not easy. Rehabs in Kent County, Michigan will help you. Your drug-free future is waiting for you there.

We are here to walk through the treatment process with you. So, if you decide to start your sober path now, read this article.


Despite government efforts, toxin misuse kills many residents yearly. Because of a drug overdose, 312 people out of each 100,000 died from 2015 to 2017. Moreover, these numbers tend to increase. Alcoholism is also a big issue here. According to the CDC, 23% of students reported heavy drinking. Indeed, this makes us worry about our community's health more than ever. Above all, this should be alarming for parents.

What to Expect in Rehabs in Kent County, MI?

Firstly, let’s agree that most of all we want to feel a warm atmosphere. Undoubtedly, you will find it here. However, we are going to speak not about that but the cure phases.

The real treatment begins with evaluation. It involves questions identifying signs of addiction. Besides, it may also contain other assessments. Journies Inc provides accurate drug testing services.

Then, you should detox your body under medical control. This is mandatory to avoid harmful withdrawals. After this, the next stage is hospitalization. And eventually, to keep the final result, you need aftercare.

How to Force Your Teen Into Rehab?

Teens’ treatment has many details. That is why there are many clinics special for them. Of course, approaches vary based on age and gender. For example, adult care includes some therapies that are only for them.

Parents also can take an active part in their child’s healing. They must do the first and most important step. Indeed, it is compelling them to enter a hospital. Sometimes you have to do this. Moreover, it is legal to force them in such cases. But before this, try to persuade like a friend. Also, show that you share his emotions.


Below we presented a list where you can see the locations and contacts of recovery centers. By the way, we selected the most recommended ones.

Journies Inc

528 Bridge Street Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI - 49504
(616) 774-7002

Guiding Light Mission

255 South Division Street
Grand Rapids, MI - 49503
(616) 451-0236

West Brook Recovery Center

3210 Eagle Run Drive Northeast
Grand Rapids, MI - 49525
(616) 279-3725

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services Northwest Clinic

2118 Three Mile Road Northwest
Grand Rapids, MI - 49544
(616) 222-3720

Arbor Circle Corporation

1115 Ball Avenue Northeast
Grand Rapids, MI - 49505
(616) 459-7215