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Rehabs in Genesee

Rehabs in Genesee

Addiction is what doctors call a serious threat to humankind. But, indeed, this is not a death sentence. Moreover, it may be the start of a new life if you stop on time. Surely, treatment can’t wait for a long time. Examples show that substance abuse is effectively healed in its early period. Meanwhile, we often don’t even feel how we lose control. Especially, if an individual tends to misuse everything, it becomes harder. For instance, it refers to food, medicine, smoking, etc. But, it is time to give up bad habits. Say goodbye to your problems with rehabs in Genesee County, Michigan.

Reading this article, you will get ready to enter a recovery center.

General Facts

The county’s population suffers from alcoholism. Thus, according to state statistics, 19% of residents reported heavy drinking. Besides, from 2013 to 2017, 26% of driving deaths were because of alcohol. In numbers, this issue took 48 people’s lives.

Here drug abuse is also a big disaster. From 2015 to 2017, overdose cases were 353 out of every 100,000. So, we see that there is a real need for more clinics. Fortunately, per day many hospitals open their doors to patients.


Indeed, this is the initial phase of healing. Doctors do not risk beginning the process without this. After consultation, they make assessments to indicate the stage of addiction. It depends on the length and intensity of substance use. Recovery Unlimited Treatment Center provides such services. By the way, they prepare the results immediately.

G3169 West Pierson Road.
Flint, Michigan - 48504

(810) 785-4930

How to Force Your Teen into Rehab?

Definitely, your today’s actions may save your child’s future. So, do not be afraid of mistakes. Even physicians advise compelling teens in such situations. Moreover, the law also does not prohibit it. This is an age when they cannot make the right decisions.

However, before forcing, try to understand what your child feels. And eventually, what are the reasons? Surely, this is important for a deep cure and aftercare. Also, tell success stories of other addicts. Of course, this will encourage them.

Facilities in Genesee County, MI

Undoubtedly, the quality of rehabs has an essential role in treatment. So, your good selection ensures your or your loved one’s wellness. This is a chance to find the most recommended centers with a click.

Outpatient and Residential

New Passages Hope Network

1110 Eldon Baker Drive
Flint, MI - 48507
(810) 232-2766

McLaren Oak Bridge Center

4448 Oak Bridge Drive
Flint, MI - 48532
(810) 342-5337

Flint Odyssey House Inc

529 Martin Luther King Jr Avenue
Flint, MI - 48502
(810) 238-7226

Above the Water House

4105 Keyes Street
Flint, MI - 48504
(810) 877-2907