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Rehabs in Grand Traverse

Rehabs in Grand Traverse

Grand Traverse is the largest county in Northern Michigan. Based on the 2020 census its population was 95,238. The total area is 601 square miles. The largest city Traverse City is the seat.

The county seat is known as the "Cherry Capital of the World." It also has natural attractions like freshwater beaches, vineyards, and wineries and the proximity to Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

Unluckily, the county has serious health-related concerns. It has been struggling against drug and alcohol addiction for years. Still, the disease continues ruining lives and destinies. It impacts not only an addicted person and his/her family but also the welfare of the community.

Thus, the county government has constructed various Grand Traverse County rehabs to help people live sober. They are multifunctional, having lots of care programs and options.

Substance Abuse Recovery Stages

Generally, substance misuse recovery demands much effort and patience. It consists of several interrelated stages. They all have a leading role in the recovery journey.

Assessment Stage

An effective treatment is the result of a proper diagnosis. Thus, it is obvious through this stage. When attending a rehab center, a counselor organizes an evaluation process. He/she does it using a set of tools. Assessment and screening are the common ones. This stage aims to get in-depth knowledge of the disease for determining the coming healing options and duration.

Thus, a patient completes a questionnaire and participates in a short interview. A patient will have to answer many questions providing details about the disease history, misused drug type, mental health condition, and so on. By analyzing all the provided information a counselor makes a diagnosis and guides to the most appropriate treatment option.


Being addicted to a substance means having a body full of toxins. So during the recovery, those toxins may interfere with the process and cause dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Here the medical detox comes for help to manage them safely. To explain, through this procedure a patient cleans his/her body of toxic substances. Depending on the case severity 1-2 weeks will be needed. The process is possible to undergo at any rehab center. Besides, there are specific detox clinics. If the case is mild it is possible to get the process at home too. Doctors use various medications to fulfill the process.

Inpatient Recovery

Inpatient rehab centers are the most effective clinics for providing around-the-clock care. That is, it involves staying full-time in a clinic during the healing process. Here the patients can completely focus on getting well and sober without the triggers of the outdoor lifestyle. Every single day in residential treatment is carefully scheduled and accounted for. Besides these clinics are beneficial for providing all the stages of the healing process under one roof.

There is no need to change the location every time. Generally, the patients take part in various therapies and procedures, group and in-person sessions, educational seminars, and so on. Another benefit is that they provide a unique care approach to everyone. It is because each case is unique in its manifestations. About a month-long care is enough for gaining sobriety.


These kinds of rehab centers are beneficial for those having mild addiction. They allow the freedom to continue the outdoor lifestyle while in recovery. To explain, an outpatient rehab program offers substance misuse treatment sessions as well as support groups that can be attended at various times throughout the week.

Depending on the case severity the number of weekly meetings may differ. Here also the care duration is the same, that is for a month. Besides they provide aftercare programs. These are also very important. They help people prevent relapsing when finishing residential treatment.

There are many facilities in the county. Among them, Addiction Treatment Services is outstanding. Having more than 20 years of experience the therapists provide quality care to everyone.

Costs for Substance Misuse Treatment

Generally, cost-related issues are barriers for most people who tend to start a recovery. The reason is that there is no fixed price. It is determined by taking into account many factors. Among them are the facility type, care option and duration, included services, and many others.

As a rule, nearly all rehabs accept payment by insurance. They also offer many programs for those who do not have insurance. They are funded by state grants.

Luckily, luxury rehabs have upscale amenities and services. They charge very high. Yet, it is worth paying so high for having memorable experiences from that period of life.